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Tube Stock

Whitehouse Nursery ph soil scale

We are introducing tube stock for the gardeners looking for more varieties of plants. We are starting with a few and we will add on more as we have the time to list them.

Gardeners in the cooler climates will probably be best to pot them up into a 75mm or 100mm pot. Plant out when the roots hit the sides of the pots. In the warmer climates, gardeners will be able to plant them straight out.

The Soil PH graph is for Hydrangeas only. We have included this graph to help you understand how the colour of the Hydrangea may vary according to the PH in your soil. A soil PH tester should be available at your local garden centre or nursery.

Tube Stock is always in 50mm pots. The reason that they are cheaper is because of the plant size in the smaller pot. This gives our customers the opportunity to purchase many more varieties without having to outlay a lot of money. Growing from this size is very rewarding.

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