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Hellebore hybrids

Recent breeding programs have also created double-flowered and anemone-centered plants. Ironically, doing this is actually reversing the evolutionary process in which hellebores' true petals had been modified into nectaries; it is usually these nectaries which become the extra petals in double, semi-double and anemone-centered flowers. Double hellebores[1] provide a very interesting variation to the standard hellebore. They are generally easy to maintain and share the same planting conditions as the standard hellebore.

Thoroughbred Hybrids Colours

Singles and Doubles of White, Dark Pink, Spotty White, Anemone White, Mid Pink, Pink Anemone, Soft Pink

We are offering mixed pots and you can't choose the colour you may want. It's lucky dip.


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Size: 75mm pot
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