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Prunis spinosa - Sloe Plum (Sloe Gin)

This deciduous wiry shrub is used as hedgerows that line fences in rural England. Because of it's thorns, it can be cattle proof.
It has white flowers in summer followed by bitter dark fruits in autumn that are traditionally used to make 'Sloe Gin'. So here is a recipe:

Low Nectar. High Pollen.


Height to 5m Width to 2m

Full sun to part shade Frost hardy

Sloe Gin

1/2kg Sloes

1.25l Gin

125g Sugar

2-3 drops almond essence

Prick the sloes all over with a sharp needle. Pour over gin and stir in sugar and almond essence. Pour into large airtight container, such as a corked storage jar, and fasten tightly. Leave in a dark place for 15 weeks to allow the mixture to infuse. Shake the container occasionally.

Strain through a funnel lined with muslin or cheesecloth and pour into clean, dry bottles. Seal the bottles and keep for at least 6 months before drinking.


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