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Humulus lupulus - Hops

We have a selection of brewing hops from all over the world, to grown your own beer. Hops from England, Germany and America and Australia.

Hops is a climber. It can reach 10m high. It can also grow beyond 1m wide. We grow ours on a fence around the veggie garden. It grows all Summer up to 1m a week. Large heads of white flowers that once pollinated become hops heads.

They will be ready for picking in Autumn.                 

Full sun to part shade.  Need to be kept moist. 140mm Pot in mid spring/ summer, and as a Crown in mid autumn/ winter.                                                                                                                                                                                                               
Winter dormant. Frost resistant.  

Challenger Hops
Challenger Hops (Out of Stock)
Chinook Hops
Chinook Hops (Out of Stock)
Columbus Hops
Columbus Hops (Out of Stock)
East Kent Golding Hops
East Kent Golding Hops (Out of Stock)
Fuggle Hops
Fuggle Hops (Out of Stock)
Golden Cluster Hops
Golden Cluster Hops (Out of Stock)
Hallertau Hops
Hallertau Hops (Out of Stock)
Hersbrucker Hops
Hersbrucker Hops (Out of Stock)
Mt Hood Hops
Mt Hood Hops (Out of Stock)
Nugget Hops
Nugget Hops (Out of Stock)
Pride of Ringwood Hops
Pride of Ringwood Hops (Out of Stock)
Red Earth Hops
Red Earth Hops (Out of Stock)
Saaz Hops
Saaz Hops (Out of Stock)
Target Hops
Target Hops (Out of Stock)
Tasmanian Cascade - Hops
Tasmanian Cascade - Hops (Out of Stock)
Tettnanger Hops
Tettnanger Hops (Out of Stock)
Victoria Hops
Victoria Hops (Out of Stock)
Vienna Gold Hops
Vienna Gold Hops (Out of Stock)
Willamette Hops
Willamette Hops (Out of Stock)

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