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Haemanthus Coccineus   Ox TonguePaint Brush Lily

Haemanthus Coccineus - Ox Tongue/Paint Brush Lily

Haemanthus is a Southern African genus of Amaryllidaceae, subfamily Amaryllidoideae, with some 22 known species, endemic to South Africa, Namibia and the kingdoms of Lesotho and Swaziland. About 15 species occur in the winter rainfall region of Namaqualand and the Western Cape, the remainder being found in the summer rainfall region, with one species Haemanthus albiflos occurring in both regions.

Most of the species have brush-like flower heads enclosed in four or more membranous to fleshy spathe bracts which usually match the flower colour and, like sepals, protect the flower heads from damage and desiccation. The flowers produce abundant nectar and pollen and a faint smell unattractive to humans. Fruits are mostly globose and when ripe, range through bright red, to pink, orange and white, and are usually aromatic.

A summer deciduous bulb. Autumn flowering, orange/scarlet cup shaped flower which appears on 20cm stems above the bulb, giving the common name, paint-brush lily. In each of the flower cups are hundreds of pollen laiden white or yellow stamens. After flowering, one 30cm long and 15cm wide leaf appears each side of the bulb. Hence the common name, ox-tongue.

3 year old bulbs.

140mm pot
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